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To find out more about our extensive range of tuition options for languages, mathematics, humanities, science and creative arts; contact IanGenuity EPLC of Abingdon in Oxfordshire today.


IanGenuity EPLC

23, Vintner Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3PF


01235 426 109

Our aim is to provide:

• a professional and positive service

• at the client’s reasonable convenience

• at a competitive yet professional rate


Where we work

We can arrange regular or occasional sessions within an area bounded, approximately, by a pentagon joining Wantage, Witney, Woodstock, Wheatley and Wallingford.


When we work

Lessons can normally be arranged bewtween 9am and 7pm Monday - Friday, or at other times by discussion. We do not normally undertake tutorial work on Sundays.


Lesson length

Academic sessions would typically be of 1 hour’s duration, but occasionally shorter or longer by arrangement. For students at 13+ and beyond, a concentration span of 90 minutes is quite standard, and would gain you more contact time, proportionally, against our same fixed travel expenses.

Instrumental music sessions would normally run between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the age and technical level of the student.


Indicative rates

Our current formula is simple and equitable enough:

• Begin with a figure of £22 per contact hour, pro rata (and inclusive of our initial travel to/from)

• Add as many ££ as the age of the (school-age) student when they will sit their target exam (i.e. £11 for 11+ tuition or younger; £13 for 13+ ISEB, £16 for GCSE; £18 for AS/A2)

• Add £5 per session for travel time / costs beyond the ‘pentagon’ (see above)

• Add £5 per hour for any weekend sessions

• Subtract £10 per hour from ‘face-to-face’ rates, for any sessions delivered remotely, e.g. over Skype (where equally practicable)


Rates for adult students, professional consultation and other non-tutorial services can be discussed according to circumstance and urgency, but should be expected to be broadly commensurate with the above.


• We are willing to lend some relevant books, documents etc. at no charge


• Relevant items from our library of worksheets etc. are available electronically &/or in hard-copy form at no extra cost


• We do not usually charge for background preparation, e.g. sourcing/revising copies of Set Texts or marking of Mock Scripts between sessions


• An hour’s session will include brief feedback to the parent/guardian, and follow-up work may be agreed and set


• We are open to sensible discussion on Series Discounts


• The versatile nature of our service allows us to offer support in any competent subject at a moment’s notice (e.g. we could blitz some Biology revision ‘today’ instead of doing French; few tutors are able to offer this!)

Please also bear in mind that: